We are fully COMPLIANT, LICENSED and SECURE in what we do.

Recycling and the disposal of redundant assets can often become a costly operation, both environmentally and financially.  Our competitors often offer this service as a side line for their much larger removal/relocation operations that fail to provide focus, attention to detail; or sometimes they only centre on one category and lack the capability to provide a fully encompassing solution required to effectively dispose of the range of materials and items produced when clearing an office space.

Our first option is always to resell the assets for REUSE.  If an item cannot be reused in its original form, the asset will be deconstructed to salvage individual components that can be used elsewhere.  The remaining materials are sent to relevant recycling centres and WEEE equipment is sent to Authorised Treatment Facilities .

We offer our public sector clients experience of working to the tightest of regulations and timeframes, as well as flexibility to commercial organisations where it is vital.